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My doctor diagnosed me having mild sle problems as i have a persistent red eyes, i was so worried and i seek advises from my pharmacist. He advised me to regulate my immune system so i tried both musmore and proteca. Two weeks later when i visit my doctor, my red eyes improved and this result surprise my doctor. I am still taking them and i feel good. Thanks to such great products.

Spp serdang

My son was on and off having bad cough and flu, and antibiotics is always my last resort from my doctor. One day my doctor recommend me to get mushmore and proteca to enhance my child immune system. After a continuous consumption of these 2 products for a week, i realized that my child get recovered faster than ever. Great!

Lum sarawak

My mother and i having cough for almost a month, after taking this it helps us to get rid of the cough in 2 days time.

Phua from putrajaya

I had a bad asthma that i have to use my inhaler 4 times a day, my regular pharmacist recommend mushmore to me, and i took 6 sacchets 3 times a day. In a week time my asthmatic symptoms resolved and i still continue with 2 or 3 sacchets a day. I feel great and energetic!

William puchong

Mushmore is really great for cough. My cough which can not be resolved after few visit to my doctor and even after few antibiotic courses. It resolved after only 2 days i take this magical mushrooms!

Loong penang