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Terms & Conditions



For payment via Senangpay, transaction will be proceed & confirm on the next working day. Should such transaction is made after 17:00, two working days will be required for processing.

Account Using & Security

Account Using and Security: The account name and password are on behalf of your identity, customer is required to keep the account and password properly with responsibility. Such account and pass word should not be disclosed to others nor to let other people to use. All acts conducted with your account and password are deemed to be the acts of the account holder. And account holder is obliged to pay the fees arising from the account. If customer finds that the account and password are misappropriated or otherwise improperly used, he must notify the Company immediately to take further action. However, customer shall not interpret the measures taken by the Company as express or implied warranty or liability for the Company, and the Company shall not be liable for any illegal use of your account number and password. Customer should log out the account properly after used to prevent account name and passwords being theft by others.

Opened and used products are non-refundable.

Opened and used products are non-refundable. The whole refund process will take 2 weeks to process and complete, and a restocking fee will be imposed. All refund requests require refund application form for processing, any personal data that collected from the refund process is strictly using for internal and refund purpose, and will not involve any commercial nor promotion activities.